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   Sunday 21 Jan. 2018  06:36 Kurdistan-Iraq time (GMT +3)
  Basic services

  •  Call Barring
    This service enables you to restrict calls to, or from your mobile phone. It is activated from your mobile. Upon setting this feature, you will be asked for a password to activate/deactivate this service. The default password is 0000.

  •  Call hold
    This service allows you to answer a new incoming call or make a new outgoing call without ending the current one by putting it on hold.

  •  Call waiting
    This service alerts you of an incoming call while you are already connected to another party. It is activated by default.

  •  CLIP
    This service allows you to view the phone number of the person who is calling you.

  •  SMS
    SMS service allows you to send and receive short messages in text format, locally and internationally, your SIM card is pre-configured to enable this service. in case your handset is not configured properly, you need to set the SMS center number +647605912010