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   Sunday 21 Jan. 2018  06:36 Kurdistan-Iraq time (GMT +3)
  Value Added Services

  •  Video call
    Also known as "videophone", this service lets two people with 3G video phones talk to each other while viewing 2-way live video of each other. Video Calling makes communication both practical and fun because you can now see people and show objects, surroundings and activities in real time as you talk.

  •  MobiNet
    Mobitel 3G offers you seamless internet speed connectivity*. With our MobiNet 3G service you can browse directly from your handset or use it as a modem. You can also use 3G data cards available in the market. MobiNet 3G offers you HSDPA, WAP and GPRS connectivity. Based on your handset ability and system availability you can enjoy a transfer rate speed up to 1.8 Mb/sec *compared to 2 G internet services

  •  Conference call
    This service enables you to talk with up to 5 parties at the same time.

  •  MMS
    Multi-Media Messaging Service enables you to send a ringtone, a short video clip or a picture. Just set up your mobile and start sharing your "mood" with your contacts.

  •  Call forward (divert)
    With this service you can forward your calls to another number or to voice mail.

  •  Family
    Know you can stay in touch with your friends, family and loved ones anytime with low rate. This service allows Mobitel subscriber to predefine 4 Mobitel numbers as the Family Numbers and they can enjoy the preferential rate.

  •  Me 2 U
    Mobitel Credit Transfer Service "Me 2 U" allows you to transfer credit from your Mobitel account, this service uses a technology called USSD, which allows you to send FREE of charge a message/command with a specific amount to the recipient mobile number.